Bob Chittendon, President of Transportation Safety, Inc, reflects a depth of knowledge of the transportation industry, Department of Transportation Regulations, risk management and loss control methodology that, in my experience, places him among the elite in the field of Transportation Safety Consultant.

I have also found that he understands the inter-relationships between his field of expertise and my field of expertise and insurance. I have been recommending Bob as consultant to my insured's for over five years. His knowledge and ability to work with people, on a personal and business level, over a wide expanse of concerns has produced admirable results in loss prevention, reduction in liability exposure and issues of insurability. He has demonstrated the ability to implement programs, procedures and methodologies that determine positive courses of action for floundering companies as well as complimentary courses of action to sustain directed companies. I continue to prevail myself of the services of Transportation Safety, Inc as I find that they are of benefit to my clients.

Tim Darrah - President
T.D. Hawks

I have known Bob, Transportation Safety, Inc, both personally and professionally, for over 15 years. I know him to be a person of professional integrity, honesty and knowledgeable of the transportation industry. He and I worked for the same company for several years – I as General Manager and he as Safety Director.

Bob has extraordinary people skills and the ability to transform ideas and concepts into productive action through inter-departmental and individual teamwork.

Bob performs more as a valued employee than he does as a contracted safety consultant.

Mark Cambell - President
MRC Trucking

We started working with Bob Chittendon with Transportation Safety Inc. in 2017. We couldn’t be happier with everything that he has done.

Bob has organized and made an easy to use database for our DQF files, truck and trailer information, and our inspection results. He has kept track of when our inspections are due, when our drivers require new Fed Med cards, as well as our drug testing and sends us an email to let us know what is needed.

Bob has also created a web page for our company with safety videos that are drivers log in and watch.

We are thrilled with the work that Transportation Safety, Inc. has done for our company and gladly recommend Bob to everyone.

Rock Solid Transport, LLC

We had the safety seminar on Feb 1, 2014.
It was an awesome meeting and very informative.
Thank you

May Leer
V&M Farms Trucking

I have worked with Bob for many years and I have thoroughly enjoyed his friendship, his vast knowledge, congenial nature, and a very intelligent cohort to enhance our collective knowledge and abilities in to better serve those in our business. He is an expert in transportation safety and he has had a tremendous background and many years of experience in this field. And that’s true for everything he does and has done in the past. If there are any questions in Bob’s mind, he always researches until he is absolutely positive that he has the right answer.

Bob has done so many things in his life, a Veteran, a pilot, a Deacon, a wordsmith (to be clear and precise) (add others) and always becomes expert in whatever he does. I know his level of expertise in transportation safety & numerous other disciplines and I’ve worked with him in this arena for many years. Because of Bob’s vast experience, and his unyielding pursuit of turning over every stone for information, you can trust nothing less from Bob than perfection in what he does and what he says.

Bob knows this business and if there is something he doesn’t know, you can bet he’ll find out; and you can trust that.

John T. Schrunk
Professional Safety Consulting, Inc.