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Question of the week:

Are we using an effective methodology in the presentation of SMS to our driver resources?
This question rose to the surface in a discussion last week about SMS Percentiles, roadside inspection violations, and how to effectively manage our driver resources to remain in the coveted Below Intervention rating designation. The question deserves a productive answer! We agreed that the answer was the product of training. We got entangled in HOW to do the training. WHAT program to use for the training? WHEN to conduct the training. And then we hit the stone wall that all of us have slammed up against – the simple fact that the driver resource is already cognizant of the information we were attempting to figure out how to present to them … again.

In our collective ignorance, we babbled why do we do it? WHY, OMG, WHY – that’s the answer. We do it because of the ramifications, the negative aspects, and the adverse effects that it has on our operations and that of our drivers. Significant numbers of drivers, independent contractors, and leased operators are unaware of the impact that less than favorable SMS BASIC’s Percentiles has on them individually. The answer to our question is WHY – WHY is it important to each driver?

High percentile ratings in Unsafe Driving, Crash Indicator, Hours-of-Service, and Vehicle Maintenance are determinants in load availability from brokers and customers alike. Preferred loads go to preferred carriers. SMS history is available to all carriers for driver applicants. Recently an application for employment to a premier carrier was rejected for one (1) OOS violation on a PSP report.

The better understanding that a driver has relative to the effect that SMS BASIC’s have on themselves and the companies that they represent is the operant factor in keeping those nasty little triangles – ▲ – off our BASIC’s Safety Measurement Summary.

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