Driver Safety Meeting Series consists of twelve (12) preprepared monthly safety meetings. Presentations are independent and may be presented in any order. Each presentation is duplicated in PowerPoint and Video media. Written Quiz and Certificate of Training is included. Materials are presented on DVD and can be purchased through the Safety Store.

Driver Professionalism
(30 Minutes)

Present to the driver resource the necessary skill sets required for professionalism and provide training in their use.

How to Recognize & Change Aggressive Driving Behavior
(30 Minutes)

Establish self-awareness within the driver resource of aggressive driving behavior and provide methods to affect individual behavior modification.

What are the most common accidents and how can they be avoided
(30 Minutes)

Research the top 5 or 10 accidents by casual factor and present accident avoidance procedures and training resources that address proximate cause

Eating healthy and staying fit
(30 Minutes)

Connecting good health and physical stamina to job performance and safety.

Out of Hours - Out of Work
(30 Minutes)

Importance of SMS road-side inspections and Hours of Service Violations

Anybody can drive - Not everyone can be a driver
(30 Minutes)

Review of the first 5 sessions stressing safety philosophy and awareness.

Work Zones & Accident Sites
(20 Minutes)

Driving safely in and around work zones and accident areas

What do my headlights really show me?
(15 Minutes)

Stopping distance versus illumination and effects of smoking on night vision

Physics of truck stability
(25 Minutes)

Center of gravity affected by load configuration and effect upon ramp and cornering stability - single vehicle roll-over accidents

Ignorance is not bliss - It is opportunity for tragedy
(25 Minutes)

Situational awareness and critical decision making in the role of safety.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and the Driver
(30 Minutes)

Presenting to the driver resource how compliance with the FMCSR's increases the driver's economic stability

How have I improved as a driver over the past year?
(20 Minutes)

Self-evaluation by the driver of improvements in safety and driving methodology over the past year